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I’m a versatile engineer who makes full stack AI. While I can lose hours in mathy tensor land, I delight in wonderful user experience.

I’m a hacker, a pragmatist, and a problem solver. I exist somewhere on the spectrum between data scientist and software engineer / MLOps, but primarily I just enjoy making magic. Perhaps unusually for a super nerd I try to be humble, accessible, and put end user value above tech.

I studied Electronic Engineering in college and have a Masters in AI. I also hold a certificate in Deep Learning from USF, and am a Google certified Data Engineer as well as an AWS certified Solutions Architect.

All of this is great but most importantly: I can build pretty much anything.

Overview of skills

Master Journeyman Apprentice Tinker
Python HTML/CSS, Javascript C/C++, Java, PHP UX/Visual Design
Deep Learning Machine Learning Data Viz Embedded Systems
PyTorch SQL (esp. Postgres) Android Canvas, WebGL, OpenGL
Architecture Symbolic AI Distributed Computing Pen-Testing
Linux Data Pipelines Cloud Hardware & IoT

Frameworks I have used:

Too many to realistically list. I’ve manipulated matrices in Matlab, Octave, numpy, Lua Torch, Tensorflow, and PyTorch. I’ve manipulated data in sklearn, Pandas, NLTK and Dask til it just gave up and became The Matrix-like symbols. I’ve built sites in Django, Flask, React, Vue, jQuery, Backbone. I’ve stored way too much data in Mongo, Parquet, Postgres, MySQL, and then gone back and stored more.

I don’t fear frameworks!

Tools and methodologies I have used:

git, Kubernetes, Docker, Jupyter (but tend more towards IPython in tmux with vim), various CI/CD, Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ …

Recent Experience

Primer.ai, Senior Staff Machine Learning Engineer (September 2018 - Present)

SAP, Senior Software Engineer (February 2017 - August 2018)

Freelance Engineering Consultant (June 2013 - December 2016)

Failed Startup Founder (Before that)

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