I’m Tom, an engineer living in San Francisco. I’m originally from Liverpool, England; I’ve also lived in China and Thailand.

I work for a series-C startup called Primer.ai, building a self-writing Wikipedia. Prior to that, I worked for an analytics startup within SAP, for which I was the lead engineer (it started out as just me on the engineering side and grew to a team of 9).

I began coding on a Commodore 64, later falling in love with Amigas and becoming really good at QBasic. Then I started experimenting with assembly on a PIC-16C84, and programming compilers in C, making robots, getting into amateur rocketry, and other nerd pursuits.

After getting my undergratude degree in Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London, I went on to do a Masters with a thesis entitled “Detecting & Classifying Human Emotion With Neural Networks”.

At that time, AI was not much of a career so eventually I went to work in China, as a patent lawyer. Several years of that was about enough, so I launched an NLP startup at a time when, according to one investor, “NLP just doesn’t work”.

During this time I developed a very diverse set of skills, and also helped found and run Hong Kong’s first hackerspace, Dim Sum Labs. I also got a HAM radio license!

It didn’t work out, but it was great fun. After my startup failed I headed to South East Asia to regroup, and funded myself for a few years doing all kinds of tech work, from hardware engineering to SEO, but most of it had an ML-tinge.

Building stuff takes most of my free time; genuinely I want to make the first AGI and work towards that constantly. Outside of geeky stuff I enjoy nature and hikes in CA’s wonderful state parks, BBQs, camping, gothic culture, roleplaying, playing guitar and piano (…badly), puns, British comedy TV, collecting gems, board games, electronic music (and DJing …badly) and in general not taking things too seriously.

If you’d like to hear my voice for some reason, I was interviewed for a podcast.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Medium, and Twitter.